May 14, 2021

Testing Notion Content Blocks

From Notion's API documentation:

"A block object represents content within Notion. Blocks can be text, lists, media, and more. A page is a type of block, too!"

So far, only text-like blocks are currently available. View the Notion API documentation for more info.

Content blocks:

Heading 1

Heading 2

Heading 3

This is a paragraph block with bold text, strikethrough text, underline text, code text, italicized text and text in a different color.

  • bulleted list 1
  • bulleted list 2
  • bulleted list 3
  • numbered list 1
  • numbered list 2
  • numbered list 3

  • Here is a quote!


    hi!? Underline?

    Image(embed links only):


    To edit how a content block renders, change the corresponding block component in ContentBlocks.js.

    View the Notion page where the contents of this page lives: